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الثلاثاء، 23 يونيو، 2015

Cristiano Ronaldo

The boy from Madeira, an island in Portugal. Born in February 1985. He is the youngest of four sons. At 12 years old he moved to Lisbon to join Sporting Lisbon's academy.
From day one Ronaldo worked hard to improve his game. It paid off, because now he is the most famous footballer in the world.
"To have a guy who can score 30 goals in a season is a main factor." says Peter Cech, his teammate at Real Madrid. He is a classy goal-scoring machine, having won every prize including UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, La Liga, FIFA World Player Of The Year and the Ballon D'or.
Based on several interviews with Cristiano here are 15 things he wants you to know.

Bad Image

He is fluent in English with an obvious Portuguese accent, which I'll try to show you in the dialogue. He sometimes believes he has bad image in the pitch, because he is so serious. If you really know him, if you live inside his house, if you share the day with him you will know he loves to win. Even when he is racing his girlfriend in the swimming pool he wins, because he always loves to win. He doesn't care what the newspapers or the magazines write about him. He doesn't read any of them. The most important is his family, his friends and who he works with

Arrogant And Conceited

He considers himself as honest and direct and thinks he pays the price by being too sincere. Definitely yes. His critics think him conceited, but it is part of his personality. The real Cristiano is a friend of who is his friend.

Leaving His Family

He had to leave his family and go to the main city when he was 12 years old. It was bad time of his life, but he is not that boy with pimples, crooked teeth and spaghetti in hair anymore. He believe he would be a usual man, maybe like one of his brothers with a job, if he had not been a footballer.
Important People In His Life
His mother is the most important person in his life. She gave him everything he needs. She is always in his sights in the good moments and the bad ones. His father died because of alcohol in 2005. It was his father who named him as he was a big fan of American President; Ronald Reagan.
He believes Alex Ferguson (his former Manchester United manager) as being like a woman guy to him. He taught him many things like a father figure. He misses him a lot, because he had a great relationship with him.
Alex Ferguson said : "Ronaldo is a good person, he knows the time of day."

Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo played for Manchester United for 6 years and won 10 prizes with them, including the 2008 UEFA Champions League. He grew homesick and needed to move closer to home. In 2009 he moved to Real Madrid for $131 million
Real Madrid
"In Real Madrid they're always in pressure. I believe Jose Mourinho is the best coach, cause he has shown every country which is the best, because he is win all leagues"
Playing for Real madrid his dream came true. His mother's too. He's happy and wants to be there for many years. Of the players Ronaldo says "The atmosphere in the dressing room is wonderful. Marcelo is most funny (Marcelo Vieira) always make  fun, always put music, always dance."

This is the brand of his underwear and socks fashion collection he co-founded in partnership with Danish company JBS Textile Group. Ronaldo is an icon, a brand.
Likes And Dislikes
He doesn't drink alcohol because it being the cause of his father's death in 2005. His preferred sports person is Tiger Woods. His preferred music is pop romantic, although it relies on the moment. He likes Phil Collins and George Michael, he is a big fan of Brazilian music, because it makes him awake.

Lionel Messi

"Sometimes it makes me disturbing, for Messi too, because they (the media) compare each other all the time. You can't compare Ferrari with a Porsche. This is why the game is so high. Some people say I'm better other people say it's him. At the end of the day they will decide who is the best player at the moment. Which is I think it's me (laughs)."

Worldwide Fame

He says it's part of his personal success that people know him everywhere. Jose Mourinho pains from the same problem of dealing with fame. Cristiano hopes he could go shopping, to McDonalds or anywhere and people don't know him, but he is famous and he has to deal with that. He says he would pay for waking up in a morning and nobody recognises him.

Ronaldo fathered a child while he was in the US. The mother isn't known. The child's name is Cristiano and Ronaldo has full care of him. He doesn't believe he is a bad father, he's learning. "The best thing in life is to have baby.", he says. He has replaced a few diapers, but he likes to do other things with him. Mainly, he is no different than any other twenty-odd-year-old  father.

Best Moment/Worst Moment

His best moment he had when he first won the UEFA Champions League with Manchester United. 
His worst event was losing the Euro 2004 final to Greece.
I'm sure these moments will change as the FIFA 2014 World Cup opens. If he could change one rule, were he to be FIFA president, is the goal line instant replay to determine if there has been a goal.


When he was a kid playing football, he would cry when he passed to his team mates and they failed to score. This, as you can  imagine, gained him the name "Cry-Baby". He used to train in the gym with weights on his feet. If this idea seems silly keep in my mind Ronaldo is one of the world's best footballers ever.
Liverpool came to the decision that Cristiano Ronaldo wasn't good enough. One year later he joined Manchester United for 15 million euros. He was United's first Portuguese player and was responsible for the English Premierships 1000th goal.


Let's take a look at Ronaldo's record since Liverpool suggested he wasn't good enough to play for. That's 11 seasons from 2003/2004 to 2013/2014.
His teams league positions have never been lower than third place. In the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga his team have been third "3" times, second "4" times , and won the league "4" times.
Domestic cups, the F.A.Cup in England and the Copa Del Rey in Spain. Quarter-Finals "2" times, Semi-Finals "1" time, losing finalists "3" times and winning finalists "3" times.
In the UEFA Champions League his team have been in the Semi-Finals "3" times, losing finalists "1" time and winning finalists "2" times. Once in 2008 with Manchester United against Chelsea in which he scored and in 2014 with Real Madrid versus Atletico Madridal, scoring in this match too.
With his national team . Losing final Euro 2004, semi-final 2006 World Cup, "quarter-final" Euro 2008, last 16 2010 World Cup and semi-finalists in Euro 2012.